What Exercises can I perform with the Door Gym?

CHIN-UP • PUSH-UP • SIT-UP …and so much more!

The Door Gym goes beyond the average pull-up bar in other ways, thanks to a pair of close-grip handles that are attached to the center of the bar. These handles allow you to position your palms to face each other as you pull, isolating the muscles within the middle of your back that help build size and strength while conditioning the primary muscles responsible for keeping the spine erect for better all-day posture. Nothing on the market offers this variety of hand positions for a more thorough back workout that’s never boring. If you think that’s why the Door Gym has been called the “hottest product in years”, there’s much more to appreciate. You can also do deep push-ups with the Door Gym by placing it on the floor.

How do you install the Door Gym?

Meet the chin-up bar that’s user-friendly…to your doors, that is. NO FASTENERS REQUIRED! The Door Gym eliminates the need to destroy your door frame by screwing a chin-up bar permanently onto your doorway and ruining its frame. The Door Gym can be installed and removed in 1 second. The Door Gym is specially shaped to attach to your door without screws, bolts or fasteners. Designed with a unique curved arm that hooks onto the molding of the door frame, your body weight creates a cantilever effect that helps to bind the device securely in your doorway without a single screw, letting you position the Door Gym for immediate use in seconds, letting you perform four different styles of pull-ups to work the back, shoulders and biceps. When the Door Gym is used properly it WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR DOORWAY.

How do I use the Door Gym for Push-ups and Sit-ups?

Place the Door Gym on the floor and the device works as a set of pushup bars, ideal for strengthening and toning the chest, shoulders and triceps.
For sit-ups place the Door Gym at the bottom of a door frame and it tucks itself snuggly to it, letting you place your feet underneath for sit-ups, crunches and dozens of other abdominal exercises.

What size doorways will the Door Gym fit in?

The Door Gym is designed to fit residential (framed) doorways from 24″ to 32″ (up to 45″ with the extensions). Support up to 300 lbs.

Face molding around door: minimum 1 1/2″ - maximum 3 1/2″
Molding distance from wall: minimum 1/4″ - maximum 3/4″
Wall thickness: minimum 4 1/4″ - maximum 6 1/4″ (trim to trim)