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Types Of Best Rowing Machines You Need To Know Before Purchasing

The benefits of using a rowing machine for daily workout is known by all but there are very few of them who are aware about the types of rowing machines and its various advantages and limitations. If you are planning to have a best rowing machine for you then it is necessary to collect deep information regarding its types, advantages, disadvantages and features.

Basically, there are four types of rowing machines which include-

  • Air
  • Magnetic
  • Hydraulic
  • Water/Fluid

In this article you would be not only guided about the types of the rowing machine but will also be informed about the advantages and its disadvantages of each type of rowing machine.

Air rowing machines

Air rowing machine is considered as one of the most popular and demanding rower machine from years. It was produced since 1980s and till today it is appraised as the best type of rowing machine. There are different brands available in the market from which you need to select the best rowing machine for you accordingly.

How does it works?

To have an efficient exercise firstly there need to have a resistance energy. Air rowing machine produces resistance with the help of air which is flowed over an internal flywheel. The flywheel is spinned with the help of the rowing handle. The wheel is being connected to the rowing handle with the help of a chain. As soon as you pull the rowing handle, it spins the flywheel. To create more resistance and have an efficient exercise, you need to pull the row faster so that the flywheel spins faster.


There are various advantages of using an air rowing machine due to which it is attracted by most of the customers. Some of them are as follows-

  • Smooth action
  • Supplies more resistance which helps to provide you an efficient workout
  • Adjust the speed and resistance according to your stroke rate
  • Convenient


The major drawback of the air rowing machine is nothing but it is very noisy. If you are planning to have air rowing machine at home then ensure that you don’t face any problem regarding its continuous emitations of noise.

  • Noise pollution
  • Disturbance to the neighbours and other family members

Magnetic rowing machines

Magnetic rowing machine is more demanding and popular in between users who uses rowing machine at home. The major drawback of air rowing machine was noise and one of the positive factor of magnetic rower is noiseless. It is very quietest type of rowing machine which can be used by people who live in an apartment or places where noise emulations are strictly overwhelmed. To have an overall workout and efficiency, you need to resist your efforts to move the handle and seat. You need to know that higher the resistance, the harder you need to work and it becomes more challenging for your workout. There are various selections available in the market from which you can select the best rowing machine.

How does it works?

This machine works by diverging the distance between strong magnets and a spinning flywheel that is connected to the handle with the help of a chain. The magnetic rowers works in a smooth way without even emitting any sound.


  • No sound pollution
  • Very less maintenance is required
  • Smaller and convenient
  • Resistance level is wider


  • Not parallel to rowing on water

Hydraulic rowing machines

The major reason people tend to purchase hydraulic rowing machine is because they are comparatively lower in rate and also quiet small and silent compared to other types of rowing machines. Compared to hydraulic rowing machines, magnetic rowers are more silent. As mentioned earlier, for efficient workout, you need to have good resistance. Low resistance can be used for aerobic sessions and high resistance are for anaerobic sessions which gives a proper workout for your muscles. Compared to other types of rower machines, hydraulic does not provide you more comfortability but will surely provide you a decent workout.

How does it works?

Resistance of the machine are created with the help of pistons which are connected to the handles.


  • Reasonable price
  • Smaller size
  • Emits less sound compared to air/water rowers


  • Frequent maintenance are needed
  • Resistance level changes according to the heating of oil which is present inside
  • Do not provide a smoother action

Water rowing machines

Water rowing machines are considered as the new innovation in the field of rowing machines. It creates resistance with the use of water and paddles. It helps you to burn calories and improve your muscles.

How does it works

It uses the paddles in a tank of water that is attached to the chain and handles. As you pull the handles back, the paddles start revolving in the water.


  • Less maintenance
  • Smooth working
  • Emits less sound


  • Costly
  • Needs to change the water occasionally
  • Bigger in size